"Trish is a psychological alchemist who has transformed her emotional and physical wounds, provoked by 'indecent exposure' to a brave sacrifice of complete 'exposure', healing herself as she weaves her tale."
Joanna Dovalis, MFT, PhD

"To the Light"
opens at St. Joseph Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

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Silver Platter Girl  
is a new book by Trish Kinney, now available  

The book is a raw and courageous exploration of the powerful adult ramifications of being raised in a sexually abusive environment.  A chilling and symbolic cancer diagnosis asserts a connection between mind, body and soul that provides the opportunity for near 
miraculous healing.  

Trish Kinney's story is a classical story of survival behavior. The changes she created for herself are changes which lead to immune competence and the healing of one's life. For me, her experience can be summarized as being born again in the sense that it is the birth of something new in each of us which conquers death. Her acting experience, I am sure, was a help too. I am always telling people to act and behave as if they were the person they wanted to be.Silver Platter Girl shows that if you rehearse and practice who you want to be, it can happen, regardless of your past, when you realize you are a divine child and learn to love yourself. 

Dr. Bernie Siegel, author of NY Times bestseller, Love, Medicine and Miracles

She unwraps her trauma as her life story unfolds, in much the same way the trauma of abuse is layered on over time for many victims - it seeps into every aspect of your life - until you can't recognize your true self.  Ms. Kinney introduces the reader to every aspect of the abuse that suffocates her to the point where she is faced with an illness that is a physical manifestation of her trauma.

Diana McWilliams, Executive Director
Santa Fe Rape Crisis and Trauma Treatment Center

The only reason to revisit the emotional wounds endured by Trish Kinney is, in the telling, to be able to help someone else ... it is the same motivation that makes someone dash into a burning building or plunge into an icy river to save a stranger. If medals were given for books instead of reviews, Silver Platter Girl would merit a mix between a Purple Heart and the Congressional Medal of Honor.

FJ Camper, author of Mindbenders and the MK/Ultra Secret


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